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Podcast 014

[intro, ad]

Atwood: Hey Joel.

Spolsky: Hey Jeff. What er, what day is it?

Atwood: Today is Tuesday.

Spolsky: Is it podcast day?

Atwood: It's podcast day.  It's always a very exciting day.

Spolsky: [laughing] Let's do a podcast

Atwood: Yes. Let us.

Spolsky: Ok. Erm...

Atwood: So today is, well, Tuesday is, you know why else Tuesday is awesome

Spolsky: No

Atwood: 'Cause, every Tuesday there's new songs for Rockband and this week is epic because it's the best of The Who.

Spolsky: Oh... really? They have The Who?

Atwood: Yeah, so I guess, well there was one Who song in Guitar Hero 3 called "the Seeker", I don't know if you know it, it's really fun to play, but this is the "best of" so it has stuff like "Baba O'Riley", "Eminence Front", "Behind Blue Eyes", pretty big hits so it was really fun, I was just playing it outside actually.

Spolsky: Does it have "Who Are You"?

Atwood: It does have that, I played that as well.

Spolsky: God

Atwood: Yeah

Spolsky:I may have to ... this game

Atwood: You know what I learned the other day, so the song "Baba O'Riley", there's some guru, some Indian guru that, I guess back in the sixties, one out of those, Pete Townshend or some member of The Who, Roger Daltrey maybe, uh, was under the influence of this guru and the song "Baba O'Riley" is named for that guru the first name Baba something, but I, he, there's some like church for him down the street from our house, very California, there's like a little, you know, little, there's a little strip-mall and in this strip-mall there's this place that you go and there's all these pictures of this guy on the wall....

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