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Intro, advertising


Atwood: Oh, you're recording already?

Spolsky: Yah.

Atwood: Oh, okay.

Spolsky: Well, we're gong to use some of this for the podcast - probably not all of it.  If there is anything we want to be secret or anything, then we won't use that.

Atwood: Check check check.


{to be transcribed}

Dalgas: ...

Dixon: ...

Pryor: ...


Spolsky: Weren't they famous for accidentally charging everybody for a year?

Atwood: Yes.  But they had a whole blog entry about it, which was nice.  I really like that - "We made this massive, it was a massive massive mistake."  It was a lose-all-your-customers type of mistake, right?  Serious.  And they had a whole blog entry about it. "This is what we did, and why it happened, and here's what we're going to fix it."

Spolsky: They charged their customers for a year instead of a month or something.

Atwood: And it was a programming bug too!  I can't remember the exact details.

Spolsky: A typo.

Atwood: They weren't checking something, there was some date that was backwards or future, they weren't ruling it out.


{to be transcribed}


Spolsky: I turned down an advertiser.  Or a sponsor for IT Conversations, which was Audible.  Which sponsors a lot of podcasts.  I didn't really turn them down, I talked to Doug about this, and we both agreed that we didn't really want Audible.  One is because - no offense, but - I don't like Audible because the DRM.  The one time I tried to buy a book from them, I had a DRM issue and lost it promptly.  Maybe that happened twice, and it was not like worth dealing with anymore.  But the real reason was that they wanted us to talk in our own voices as if we were advocating

Atwood: Right.

Spolsky: The wanted us to do a couple of minutes in the show, pick a book and talk about it or something like that.  And that's deeply crossing the line, I think.


{to be transcribed}


Atwood: American Idol?


{to be transcribed}


Atwood: Well, that was good.  Before we go, did you guys have anything?  Anything?  Like, why am I such an ass?

Spolsky: What's it like to work for this - cover up his ears.

What does Joel do here?


Outro, advertising

[1:03:20 ends]


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