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Podcast 035

Atwood: Hi, Joel.

Spolsky: Hey, Jeff.

Atwood: Hey sorry I was a little slow to answer the phone there.

Spolsky: That's okay, I was a little bit early today.

Atwood: Yeah, I see that.

Spolsky: By one minute.

Spolsky: I was just running out of things to do.

Atwood: Yeah, are you actually at the office now?

Spolsky: I am, yeah.

Atwood: It's pretty dead there, I would hope.

Spolsky: Uh, it's about half. I think we're about half staffed right now.

Atwood: Yeah, well my boss is kind of a jerk. He doesn't always give me time off, and often I have to come into the office at odd hours.

Spolsky: You don't have a boss.

Atwood: I know.  That's the joke.  It's really hilarious.

Spolsky: Ha ha ha.  You were working on servers there, over the, uh, Christian holiday.









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