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Podcast 040


Intro, advertising


Spolsky: It's just like you're playing with your AM radio and you just tuned in on a station and it was in the middle of something

Lopp: That's awesome.

Spolsky: That's the illusion we're trying to create. We had an anemone die today.

Lopp: An anemone ?


Lopp: What color was it, are they all brown or green or what's the deal ?

Spolsky: I don't know it was like multi-colored, they're like brown green, they've got little tentacles

Lopp: Does an anemone float when it dies, or is it just sad and on the bottom ?

Spolsky: I don't know, I found out about it via email. I havent yet. But yesterday it was looking really sick.



Atwood: The only thought I had there was that a lot of the times my concept of leadership as a developer is a) it's hard to scale it to a really large group and I'm kind of curious how big are the groups you're managing, it sounds like they're pretty sizable ?

Lopp: I moved into the senior management role which is a managing managers which is a whole other ball of wax, so yeah that what's the next book is going to be called

Spolsky: Managing documents

Atwood: It's going to be called: "I'm screwed"

Lopp: But it's fascinating because its totally, it's more like management than engineering is like management but it's a very different role, whereas, anyway we won't go there. So the teams are anywhere from, I actually have a magic number of about 7 where I feel like that's sort of the point that you can get it all done and over that, you know, given that the team is sort of normal. Over 7 or so it just turns into, it's just too many people and people aren't getting the attention that they need to kind of grow and do that so.

Spolsky: I used to wish that you could have larger teams than that where people sort of self-manage in a way. I think I might have been being naive.


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