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Podcast 050


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Yegge: You know John Cage is the composer who pissed everyone off with his 4 minutes and 37 seconds composition which was a dude sitting at a piano for 4 minutes and 37 seconds.

Spolsky: 33.

Yegge: And not playing it, was it 33 ?

Spolsky: 4'33".

Yegge: Oh man, I'm 4 seconds out.

Spolsky: You just, well I think you might have your own new composition.

Yegge & Spolsky: <laughs>

Spolsky: Our guest today on the StackOverflow Podcast is Mr Steve Yegge.

Yegge: Howdy howdy.

Spolsky: Formerly of Amazon, and the Navy even before that, currently of Google in Kirkland where Michael and I are visiting. Jeff is on the line from Emeryville.

Atwood: Well actually El Cerrito but close, very close.




Yegge: It's foolish to, to, to try to ... I saw this dude, you know, hes not with us anymore and he left voluntarily, he was a good programmer, I mean people can get by with just basic V.I. But I mean the dude had, he was using not Vim, he was using V.I. Like Vi or whatever you call it, the old one. it was like Ed.

Spolsky: Ed. One comma three I <laughs>

Yegge: Exactly, and he, he didn't have any colors, he was using the green on black terminal theme you know, reminiscent of the old days. Even though, he just got out of college and probably didn't even know what he was doing, right, hadn't used a terminal before and he didn't even have paren matching turned on, right, he had no braces, and he was doing this like really deeply nested javascript and every time he'd make a change, you know, he'd like go in and he kept spelling it fuction instead of function, right.

<Joel cackles>

Yegge: And I'd watch over his shoulder and i'd be like "Dude, you spelled it fuction again". Right ...



[76:26 ends]

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