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Podcast 053


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Spolsky: Do you still mostly work from a cafe ?

Shipley: Oh every day.

Spolsky: Really ?

Shipley: Oh yes.

Spolsky: Is it just a regular Starbucks ?

Shipley: Uh no, it's like a local Seattle chain, I'm not a big fan of Starbucks actually.

Spolsky: Is it uh...?

Shipley: It's not really very fun to work out of a Starbucks, it's kind of like working in a
bank lobby you know.

Spolsky: <laughs>.

Shipley: There's not a lot of character going on there.

Spolsky: No, what is it, uh, are you allowed to say what the cafe is or are you too afraid of them.

Shipley: Yes it's called Zoka, in Seattle.

Spolsky: Oh.

Shipley: I actually work out of the University Zoka.

Spolsky: On, is it on University Ave. ?

Shipley: No it's called that because it's close to the whole University area and it
lets students know they can go there and be incredibly loud and annoying all day.

Spolsky: Hmm hmm, well you must like it because you go back every day.

Shipley: Well I actually tried going to a different one there was less students but what I discovered is that 30 year olds in Seattle are way more annoying than students because they're like ? their babies.

Spolsky: Yeah.

Shipley: And that stuff.

Spolsky: <laughs>, our guest today is Wil Shipley the creator of Delicious Monster.



[59:41 ends]

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