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Podcast 056


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Calacanis: Audacity is pretty dope.

Spolsky: Yes, At one point I decided that I was taking this seriously enough that I needed to umm...

Calacanis: Educate yourself on audio ?

Spolsky: Yeah, yeah and so I was going to get, what is Cool Edit now called ? They've
got a new name for it ? Uh, Audition.

Calacanis: Umm.

Spolsky: Adobe Audition, so like I'm going to learn how to do this or Pro-Tools or something like that.

Calacanis: Yep.

Spolsky: And it's just too complicated, it just blew my mind with all the features.

Calacanis: I think it's the 10 miles an hour rule like it's going to take thousands of hours for you to become proficient at it.

Spolsky: Yep.

Calacanis: And you might not have that much time in your life.

Spolsky: And somehow like Audacity I was able to just like cutting and pasting little sound things.

Calacanis: Yep, it's pretty cool.

Spolsky: And it's fine.

Calacanis: I did my first podcast, on my own with that.

Spolsky: With Audacity ?

Calacanis: Yep it worked pretty well, you could level things and...

Spolsky: Right, right.

Calacanis: Cut and paste clip things.

Atwood: Are you guys, wait are you guys both in New York.

Spolsky: Yeah.

Calacanis: We're in the same office.

Atwood: Oh, OK.

Spolsky: Oh that's not fair.

Atwood: You're hanging out together.

Calacanis: Yeah.

Atwood: You guys are like buddies, that's great.

Spolsky: So Jason you're here for New York Internet Week ?

Calacanis: I'm here for Interweb Week.

Spolsky: What do they do, what is that ?

Calacanis: Internet Week is basically a marketing campaign to get people psyched about the Internet in New Your City in the companies here. I guess. I mean we used to have all the Silicon Alley Reporter events and stuff like that.

Spolsky: Yeah, you used to be Mr New York Silicon Alley.

Calacanis: Uh yeah, a lot of people credit me with the term Silicon Alley which is not true, but uh..

Spolsky: Who's term was it really ?

Calacanis: You know I did a LexisNexis search back in the day and I found somebody had used it to describe like Boston or Philadelphia or something like that.

Spolsky: We don't have alleys in New York, that's the one thing about Manhattan that Manhattan does not have.

Calacanis: Not really no. We have like weird curvy streets down in Chinatown.



[75:09 ends]

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