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Podcast 067

Spolsky:   Jeff...are you there? Hello? Yes? I'm not picking up your mic on the recording....Oh, alright. Did you try restarting?

Atwood:    Can you hear me now?

Spolsky:    Yup...I had-

Atwood:    The wire was loose. I was-

Spolsky:    Oh. Did you use SuperUser to troubleshoot it? Hehe.

Atwood:    Yeah. I was waiting on some responses when I noticed that I had kicked this little box-thing, and it came loose.

Spolsky:    Ah, alright. Leave the question opened, I'll up-vote you. Free-rep.

Atwood: Thanks man. Hows life?

Spolsky: Good, good. You know pwning nubs as usual.

Atwood: Have we talked about my hair yet? I feel like we should.

Spolsky: Why? Is the Rogaine not working for you anymore?


Atwood: Isn't... That seems like a really bad idea. Because isn't, like, cache-invalidation considered, like, one of the hardest problems in computer science, like, just figuring out if your cache is valid or not?
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