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Podcast 075


Spolsky: Our guest today is Tom Limoncelli, the writer of The Practice of System Network Administration and also Time Management for Systems Administrators, recently out from O'Reilly. Right? Is that a recent book?? I haven't... I'm so behind on my reading. (laughter)

Limoncelli: The second edition of the Systems Network Administation book is new -- it's about a year old. The Time Management book is about four years old.

Spolsky: Right. That's sort of an old classic... older book. Well, not that you're that old, but that book is like... the first one came out in...?

Limoncelli: 2001

Spolsky: ... and so there's a new second edition that's out, so if you have the first edition, it's all wrong. Buy the second edition.

Spolsky: edit me!

Atwood: edit me!

Limoncelli: edit me!

The demonstration with the outline mode and the mouse that one of you was referring to was performed by Doug Engelbart and a team from SRI (not Xerox PARC) in 1968:

-- Alison Chaiken

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