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Podcast 076


Spolsky: I have, I would like to point out, that I actually have a big family of turkeys that walk through my yard every once in a while. Usually on Saturday mornings I see them walking through there.

Atwood: What? In New York city?

Spolsky: No, in the Hamptons. There's like a million wild turkeys that just live around there. And in the spring they are like babies and by the time we get out there in the summer there is just big piles of turkey rema- droppings.

Atwood: It would have been funnier if you had said yes, there are turkeys in New York City.

Spolsky: There are, no.. there are turkeys but only metaphorical turkeys.

Atwood: So I have been trying to think what has been going on with StackOverflow but it's all careers.

Spolsky: That's right, we are all careers oriented.

Atwood: Yeah, for the moment.

Spolsky: Hey! I can't believe it, I just finished the stupid stackoverflow tour and today I was thinking, hey, lets do dev days Australia.

Atwood: Really?

Spolsky: Lets go down to Australia and do the same dev days that we did for the Australians.

Atwood: I think we talked about this in a previous podcast, but I believe we should do more world oriented version of it.

Spolsky: Well, yeah, this is the southern world version of it. When are you going down to New Zealand for that  WebStock thing?

Atwood: That's in Febuary.

Spolsky: See, we could do it adjacent to that and you could just hop over.

Atwood: We could, I would kinda like to wait a year though.

Splosky: But it's not like the Australians need to wait a year, they are ready for dev days, they still haven't had a dev days.

Atwood: What prompted this thought?


Spolsky: Nothing.

Atwood: Nothing.

Spolsky: Nothing. Whatsover.

Atwood: Just the general... is it cold in New York City, is that the problem?

Spolsky: Yeah, and February's a beautiful time to go to Australia because it's Summer there and they've all gotten back from their vacation. Instead of having Summer vacation they have like a Christmas vacation, December sometimes January. But by February they're back, and the weather's nice.

Atwood: I see.

Spolsky: So this is our last chance.

Atwood: I suppose it's possible.

Spolsky: Ah right. If somebody e-mails us with a proposal to put the whole thing together, including first-class on Qantas thank you very much.

Atwood: That's right, Qantas. So should we talk a little bit about careers?






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