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Podcast 081

Atwood: Hey Podcast

Spolsky: Did I tell you we got a new espresso machine at the office.  

Spolsky: It's eh, eh, wait I'm telling you about the new espresso machine at the office.
It's amazing.  It's like this industrial strength thing.  It's a larazouka. It's the the kind that Starbucks used to have before they replaced them with the big kind that has just one big push button that says "Make Bad Coffee"

Atwood: Right.  I see you've been imbibing.

Spolsky: Well I have to practice I have to improve my latte art skills, which are nonexistant.  But I'm told that after about 700-800 lattes that I will be able to make maybe a flower, or a leaf

Atwood: <laughter>.Uh, yeah, Coffee art.

Spolsky: Latte art, it is on the surface of the coffee.

Atwood: Very Cool.

Spolsky: THey must have a bunch of those places on your side of the woods on east bay like around Berkley that do nice lattes

Atwood: Ah, I don't know, I'm not really a coffee person so it's hard for me to say.  Though there are a lot of coffee joints.  I think there are everywhere now, but certainly here.

Atwood: So I saw a really interesting article.  Did you see that checkers is now a solved problem.

Spolsky: Oh I thought it always was

Atwood: Oh, no, no, this is, oh you're right this is not new, the value of dates on articles.  So as of 2007.  So this is just new to me.

Spolsky: I thought it was like tic-tac-toe in the sense that because there just aren't that many possibilities with checkers you get yourself in a situation where you can't move and...

Atwood: Well, "not that many" is a relative term, there are 500 billion billion.

Spolsky: Yeah, by solved that means they checked them all

Atwood: Yea, exactly they can mathematically prove that this program Chinook, a canadian program, can never loose.  It's a really neat article I'll put it in the show notes.

Spolsky: I never lose at checkers, I've known this since I was a kid.


Spolsky: Speaking of careers.. Stack overflow careers.

Atwood: Yes...

Spolsky: Somebody came up to me today at JFK today and said, "Are you Joel Spolsky?" He's like, "I really, I love Stack Overflow and I love careers, it's really helped me."

Atwood: Really!

Spolsky: So I just want to say that people are walking up to me at this point -- walking up to me -- to say that careers is awesome. So if YOU, dear listener, do not have your CV on careers yet and you see me at JFK, what are you going to say? You're going to be like, "well, there's Joel Spolsky, I wish I could go up to him and say that careers really helped me but I didn't even put my CV up."

Atwood: You should say "Wasabi sucks" when you see him.

Spolsky: Yeah. I'd just punch you in the face, even before you get to the "sucks". [Laughter from Jeff] I follow the Jason Calacanis principle, it's like, before the last syllable is out of your mouth, I have punched you in the face.
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