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Podcast 081

Atwood: Hey Podcast

Spolsky: Did I tell you we got a new espresso machine at the office.  

Spolsky: It's eh, eh, wait I'm telling you about the new espresso machine at the office.
It's amazing.  It's like this industrial strength thing.  It's a larazouka. It's the the kind that Starbucks used to have before they replaced them with the big kind that has just one big push button that says "Make Bad Coffee"

Atwood: Right.  I see you've been imbibing.

Spolsky: Well I have to practice I have to improve my latte art skills, which are nonexistant.  But I'm told that after about 700-800 lattes that I will be able to make maybe a flower, or a leaf

Atwood: <laughter>.Uh, yeah, Coffee art.

Spolsky: Latte art, it is on the surface of the coffee.

Atwood: Very Cool.

Spolsky: THey must have a bunch of those places on your side of the woods on east bay like around Berkley that do nice lattes

Atwood: Ah, I don't know, I'm not really a coffee person so it's hard for me to say.  Though there are a lot of coffee joints.  I think there are everywhere now, but certainly here.

Atwood: So I saw a really interesting article.  Did you see that checkers is now a solved problem.

Spolsky: Oh I thought it always was

Atwood: Oh, no, no, this is, oh you're right this is not new, the value of dates on articles.  So as of 2007.  So this is just new to me.

Spolsky: I thought it was like tic-tac-toe in the sense that because there just aren't that many possibilities with checkers you get yourself in a situation where you can't move and...

Atwood: Well, "not that many" is a relative term, there are 500 billion billion.

Spolsky: Yeah, by solved that means they checked them all

Atwood: Yea, exactly they can mathematically prove that this program Chinook, a canadian program, can never loose.  It's a really neat article I'll put it in the show notes.

Spolsky: I never lose at checkers, I've known this since I was a kid.

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