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Podcast 082

Atwood: I think I've talked to you about this, Joel. You don't really see children until you have one. I swear it's true, you just don't see them. Then when you have one, they're everywhere. You see them everywhere, you hear them, you hear phantom child crying. It's crazy! They're visible to you in a way they never were before.

Spolsky: Jeff, you don't see children because you sit in your room all day long.

Atwood: I do occasionally go out into the world. I am forced against my will to leave the house. It's amazing the things you don't see. I guess it's true of so many things in life.

Jalkut: It's true. They always want to talk to you. They can smell the friendly to children on you.

Atwood: Yes! Children are much less scary now. They are so scary. Wow, I don't know anything about that.

Jalkut: You learn the children interface. You've got a few tricks up your sleeve that you can play on them.

Spolsky: Does the same thing apply to puppies?

Jalkut: I bet it does. I'm not very good with puppies.

Atwood: Most people are less afraid of dogs. Dogs are less intimidating. Children grow up to be people, and people are pretty scary.

Spolsky: That's right.

Atwood: Dogs: I think less scary. Unless you have a thing against dogs, you don't like barking, or you're afraid of dogs in general. No, it's a totally different thing.

Spolsky: Like one percent of them are sociopaths - babies.

Atwood: Daniel, I wanted to mention in terms of being parents, my final advice to parents. That first four months is horrible, really bad. I like it now. Once I got out of the dark four month period after the birth. It just gets better and better. I really enjoy it now. Man, that first four months, I was questioning everything. How did the human race ever propagate? This should never have happened.

Jalkut: It really is.

Atwood: It's a miracle we're even here.

Jalkut: I'd like to acknowledge to all my friends who are having kids, how miserable it can be, so they won't be walking into...

Atwood: Can be, it will be. It's going to be like hazing. Like you're entering some kind of crazy fraternity. They are going to do everything they can to make you quit.

Jalkut: It's true.

[~3mins in]

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