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Podcast 086

Spolsky: Edit me!

Atwood: Edit me!

Geraschenko: Edit me!


Joel: Boy are we getting offtopic!

Jeff: Well that's somewhat OK.

Joel: Anyway the point being that I have to go home to move, so, uhm, gonna be a little bit short. Do we have any other, uh, Jeff, any other major announcements that we want to make? This is sorta the last of the old-school episodes.

Jeff. Uh, I don't think so, do we have any listener questions?

Joel: We don't have any listener questions .. and you know what? OK, I wanna do, uh, ok, some quick announcements. 

One, there's a blog post which some of you who listen to this via iTunes or whatever may not even be reading our blog anymore, but if you go to and scrolldown a little bit, there's a post that I made there called Podcast Future, uhm, talking about basically and inviting conversation on what we should do to the podcast in the future to make it slightly more entertaining, slightly more interesting. 

We've had about 40,000 listeners every week for the last year or so, and I think that we need to find a way to make this more interesting so that we actually gain some listeners, and stop losing all the new listeners that we gained? (chuckles) 

So uh, you know, guests, or musical interludes, or live action, or whatever those things are. If you have any suggestions for the new and recreated StackOverflow Podcast and how we should improve it, look for that blog post called Podcast Future on, it's right there on the homepage right now. And add on your suggestions and that will be coming back with, along with the exciting announcements for all the new stuff, uhm, in a couple of weeks in April after the StackOverflow team is out here.

Jeff: OK. Yeah there's a lot of feedback to the blogpost.

Joel:There was some good feedback there, but that's the people who like read the blog compulsively and I wanna make sure that you listeners who are actually listening, and you know what? You guys are awesome, you 40,000 listeners but, uh these are the people who actually like the podcast, so they're not the problem! The problem is getting more people to like it and listen to it. 

Jeff: Well I think more graduate level math, I think is what we need. You have to figure out who it is that we want to target. So who are you trying to get as new listeners?

Joel: I liked it in the old days when we would just say it was for my dad. (Chuckling)

Jeff: The podcast will re-emerge .. like a chrysalis. We'll emerge from the chrysalis stage into a beautiful butterfly but, uhm, we're gonna make some changes. So a lot of this feedback that you see on Podcast Future, we are parsing it all, trying to figure out what the best strategy is. I think if I had to summarize it I would say two things. One is, I think we need to do a more planning around the podcast, it's a little too ad-hoc right now.

Joel: It is.

Jeff: And, that's number one, and then number two, a lot more guests, people really like the guests. 

Joel: People with stories to tell, is what we want.

Jeff: Yeah, you know. Guests that are doing cool stuff, whatever stuff is. As long as it's interesting and cool, I mean, it's worth talking about. And I think, I mean, Anton ... what Anton has done is amazing! 

Joel: It is very interesting and I'm glad to have you on. Thanks very much. You've been listening to Anton Geraschenko ... Anton, should I just send 'em uh, obviously. Do you have a blog? I know we asked that but I wasn't paying attention when you answered it 'cause I, uh ...

Anton: No. 

Joel:, that's Anton's site. You can find him at Berkeley, he's a graduate student.

Jeff: Yeah, I'm gonna just go over there now. 

Joel: (Chuckling) Just wander over to the math department.

Jeff:  Are we gonna ask for listener questions?

Joel: No, because we're not gonna take listener questions anymore, that's the old format. Sorry, goodbye, no more listener questions. There is still a transcript wiki ... (Joel segues into the show ending announcements @ 54:23).

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