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Edit 82 10/20/2008 4:24 AM What changed? Spelling, its --> it's
Edit 81 8/6/2008 5:11 AM What changed? User Listened to the whole thing, checked for transcription errors, checked spelling
Edit 80 7/21/2008 5:42 PM What changed? removed midget porn
Edit 79 7/21/2008 5:20 AM What changed? User color
Edit 78 7/20/2008 1:16 PM What changed? User Added a link to the Wikipedia entry of "Good to Great"
Edit 77 7/19/2008 7:39 PM What changed? "in in" -> "in"
Edit 76 7/19/2008 7:36 PM What changed? Meaning of "shmata" in context mentioned by Joel.
Edit 75 7/19/2008 12:24 AM What changed? User Proof read with some errors fixed from about 20 minutes on
Edit 74 7/18/2008 6:18 PM What changed? User ... and then fixed a typo of my own.
Edit 73 7/18/2008 6:10 PM What changed? User A couple of more minor corrections and additions to the spellchecker dictionary
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