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Podcast 020

Spolsky: Today is the day we did not launch although we planned to. But then we wait another week.
Atwood: Yeah, well, the good news on that is that we did actually figured out what that problem was.
Spolsky: Oh I wanna hear, I wanna hear, I wanna hear.
Atwood: Eh.. so it was a third party library, indirectly, ?? library and our particular use of it. It was Log4Net
Spolsky: Oh.
Atwood: We were logging in such a way that the log during the log call was triggering another log call which is normally ok.
But with the load we have eventually they would happen so close together that there's also a lock, so there's two locks going on there. So there's a lock of like disposing of the database stuff that's going on. Then there's a lock of like actually writing to the file, ...and they happen in opposite order, so it's like a classic dead lock, right? So you release the lock on the database, then you release lock on the file and then the other call was doing it in the other order. And they were happening so fast that it was dead-locking eventually.

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