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Podcast 042


Intro, advertising


Atwood: Hey, OK Joel, how long have you worked with me now ? Do I strike you as the type of person who's gonnal file my taxes like the first day I possibly can ? Does that strike you as at all possible ?

Spolsky: No that doesn't strike me, also remind me that [laughs], you're right that makes no sense

Atwood: [laughs] sorry

you know, is there a date between april 15th and april 16th I can use?

oh that's bad. it's amateur, it's amateur

also, we should remind our listeners we need an underwriter for this show. this sort of like npr. all these bandwidth costs and stuff are just being absorbed by the conversations network. if you are interested in underwriting this show, you get a little announcement in the beginning. it's really really appreciated, so contact, you know, us. go ahead and email podcast at stackoverflow dot com and I'll forward it to the appropriate people who are of course doug k.

yeah, the conversations network has to be clear. people need to get this straight, it truly is a non-profit organization. they are doing this for the greater good of the world. it brings you this content for free.

and it's not really an advertisement either. it's sort of a public announcement in the beginning, like they have on public radio.

that's right

anyway there we did that in the beginning, so now on to the news of stackoverflow. 

yes, so some stackoverflow happenings. we did roll out some email support in a very basic rudimentary way. it's working now.  so the way it's working now... I going to make some changes to this today actually. if you haven't been to the site in 7 days, we can see that. and if there has been activity on your stuff... in other words if people have responded to your questions or commented on your posts, we will email that information to you every 7 days. so that's in fact, in part, default behavior.  but I do want to offer people, like if they are sigining up for the first time 


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