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Voice Mail: Hello, the person you're trying to reach is not here at the moment

Spolksy:  Not here?

Voice Mail: please leave your message after the tone.

Spolsky:  Voicemail?  [tone] Mwahhh... umm hi Jeff this is Joel calling, and... ummm sooo like ahhh what's up?  Ahh Ok, bye.  How how do you get voi voicemail with with skype?

Atwood:  Hey Joel

Spolsky:  HELLO

Atwood:  Wow

Spolsky:  It is stack overflowed episode stack over overflow flowed - let's start again.

Atwood:  28.  Why uh ahh you're you're very excited today about the podcast, I think a little too excited frankly. 

Spolsky:  Ahh I just had some coffee, coffee!  Yeah!

Atwood:  Yes, this is this is episode 28 I do actually know the number this time, I looked it up.

Spolsky:  Welcome to stackoverflow episode 28.

Atwood:  That's right, me and Joel Spolosky.  I just wanted to get my mispronunciation out of the way immediately.

Spolsky:  Ok, Mr. Jeee Jeee Jeeeep  Jeep?

Atwood:  I got an email from somebody on one of the stackoverflow aliases umm challenging me to pronounce his name.  I was like, I'm not even going to try because I will fail.