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Podcast 030

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Podcast 030

Revision #3, 11/21/2008 6:01 AM "Added truck nuts dialog."
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Spolsky: Edit me!

Atwood: Edit me!

White: Edit me!

White: "Truck Nuts for Everyone" was on the top of the list of that forum.

Spolsky: Truck Nuts?

White: Truck Nuts.  Uhh...You're not familiar with Truck Nuts, Joel?  They don't have many of those in New York, I imagine.  Um...


Spolsky: Ok, I'm so out of it. I only just found out about that puppy cam last night. That's how behind I am. What is a...what are truck nuts?

White: Uhh...they are die-cast brass...balls for your truck.

Jeff: Oh, I've seen those.

Spolsky: We don't even have trucks in New York City, so...