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Podcast 032

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Podcast 032

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Spolsky: edit me!

Atwood: edit me!

Atwood: Hey Joel.

Spolsky: Hey Jeff. Welcome to Stack Overflow Podcast number 32.

Atwood: 32; it's a good number.


Spolsky: I know, it's the number of ice cream flavors plus one.

Atwood: Actually, there was a SO thread about how being a programmer changed how you view the world.


Spolsky: If you don't know that's 25, you're not a programmer.

Atwood: You view that as a round number. It's like 10.

Spolsky: 10, what's 10? Oh, I know, it's hexadecimal for... Oh, nevermind.

Atwood: Exactly... So today is exciting for a couple of reasons, not just because we have the podcast.

Spolsky: Really?

Atwood: I finally took the plunge, and now all my tech friends will stop making fun of me, I finally own a high definition television.

Spolsky: Oh, you saw those advertisements about the whole analog to digital conversion, and you... gave in?

Atwood: I saw a really funny one, it's linked in the show notes, it's kind of hard to explain. Also I want to do my part for the economy, you gotta buy things, it's part of being an American, you gotta go out and consume... product.

Spolsky: But it's all made in China, is it not?

Atwood: I don't know where this one was made, it's a Panasonic model that I got.

Spolsky: It's a Panasonic, and how big is it, 42"?

Atwood: It's a 46" inch, I did a slight size upgrade. It took some wife approval, but that's okay.