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Podcast 034


Spolsky: Let's see if Jeff's in today...

Atwood: Hi Joel.

Spolsky: Hey Jeff.

Atwood: Another exciting episode of our podcast.

Spolsky: That's right. Only this one's not going to be so exciting.

Atwood: Boring. You're going to make this one boring?

Spolsky: You might as well. If you're a listener at home, just turn it off now.

Atwood: Save yourself!

Spolsky: Oh, I have something which we should talk about on today's podcast. We should have a section where we recommend gifts for geeks.

Atwood: You know, I've done that for the last 2 years on my blog, and I was kind of debating not doing it this year.

Spolsky: Well you can do it on the podcast and then you won't have to do it on the blog. Then that will solve that debate, if you were on the fence.

Atwood: OK. Did you want to start, since it's your topic?

Spolsky: We want people to listen to this show, and it's going to be awful, so let's do it towards the end.


S: It'll just be like a 'teaser'.


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