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Podcast 47

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Podcast 47

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Spolsky: Hey, I have a whole new audio setup this week.

Atwood: Oh good !

Spolsky: Once again I have like rearranged all the mixers and everything.

Atwood: So at the end of this we'll have a recording hopefully ?

Spolsky: Yeah, first of all that edit-roll device which I got for, um, for our live podcast
last week, for mix. Yeah. That turned out just to be really truly awesome,
much better than all this other gear I have here.

Atwood: I see.

Spolsky: So, and it records kind of more reliably, it's just, I don't know, it's solid. So I've plugged that in as, um, as our main thingamajiggy and that got rid of two of the mixers and one of the preamps.

Atwood: Awesome, so this simplifies your config.

Spolsky: Yeah.



[69:10 ends]

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