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Podcast 51


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Spolsky: We have with us Michael Pryor, co-founder of Fog Creek.

Pryor: Hello.

Atwood: Again.

Spolsky: And the CFO of, .lsc, .com.

Atwood: That's right.

Spolsky: And we're here in Jeff's home, in El Cerritto, California.

Atwood: We are. That's right StackOverflow world headquarters

Spolsky: It's got a gigantic digital clock over there that keeps flipping over and making me jerk my head around suddenly and saying "What was that ?".

Atwood: Well it's not digital, it's analogue, technically.

Spolsky: Those look like giant digits to me, that's a 3.

Atwood: Yes.

Spolsky: And that's a 1 and a 2 and it's 3:12.

Atwood: It's digital in that it has digits on it



[59:03 ends]

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