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Podcast 057

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Podcast 057

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Spolsky: Edit me!

Atwood: Edit me!


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Spolsky: First of all, yes we got a lot of positive feedback from the Jason Calacanis podcast which actually sort of surprised me.

Atwood: That's good because you were very worried about that.

Spolsky: I was worried that our developers would be like, oh ick, he's one of those business guys.

Atwood: Yeah, Jason's pretty cool though, I vetted, I listened to a couple of podcasts he was on and gave him my thumbs up so.

Spolsky: Uh hu.

Atwood: My gut feeling was that it would be OK.

Spolsky: He's like one of the smartest people I ever talked to.

Atwood: Yeah, he's smart but you know I still don't agree that Mahalo is doing the right thing.

Spolsky: No, but that doesn't, you know, yeah.

Atwood: <laughs>

Spolsky: He's just a smart guy. I also, there's a couple of things about Mahalo. One is it sort of disturbs me their traffic seems to be relatively flat like, if it's really going to work it should be taking off. But you know maybe they'll change something and then it will go up. And also I totally, I still disagree with Jason and really don't think that they should ever, um, try to pay people for sex, so to speak.



[67:51 ends]

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