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Podcast 058

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Podcast 058

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Atwood: edit me!

Spolsky: edit me!


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Atwood: Yeah, I'm kind of excited Windows 7 is getting traction because I want people
to get off Windows XP it's just that it's ridiculously old at this point, so...

Spolsky: Yes, well I'm sorry Vista was just not acceptable.

Atwood: <laughs>, I know we covered that on, I think, Podcast #1 actually.

Spolsky: <laughs>, so I'm here in the brave new world of like Glass and Aero, and all that kind of...

Atwood: Whoa !

Spolsky: If you take a window and shake it all the other windows disappear, did you know that ?

Atwood: No.

Spolsky: If you grab a window with the title bar and shake it and all other windows go away.

Atwood: Yeah. Yeah I'm looking forward to that happening, but I think I have to wait for the final though because I don't want to have to deal with Release Candidate stuff.

Spolsky: OK, here's a question our listeners may know. I'm thinking of doing this, tell me what you think. Instead of, because all of my installation problems are always around Visual
Studio .Net framework and all that crap I'm thinking of just making a VM that has, you know VMware. A virtual machine that has Visual Studio installed on it and that way I never have to deal with this BS again, ever.

Atwood: You could do that. I've been advocating that for a while now, I think...

Spolsky: Really ?

Atwood: I think it depends, yeah sure. I think it depends on how intensive your development environment is. I mean if, like for example on StackOverflow, one of the things that is kind of intesive for us is that we tend to work with copies of the production database which is getting kind of chunky now considering that the average backup for it now is 4GB.

Spolsky: Yeah.

Atwood: With SQL Server compression going, so um, and just running that first query to get the database in memory, just the indexes and stuff, frequently times out on us now, <laughs nervously>.

Spolsky: Oops !



[64:13 ends]

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