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Podcast 061

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Podcast 061

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de Icaza: I'm Miguel de Icaza and I work on an open source project called Mono. It's an open source implementation of the .net framework that runs on non-Windows platforms. It runs on a Mac, on Linux -- It runs on interesting devices like the Playstation or the iPhone and we're also working on Silverlight implementation for Linux. So, that's kind of where my passion is: .net for other platforms.

Spolsky: Cool. Silverlight is sort of like a subset of .net, isn't it?

de Icaza: Yeah, that's right. It's kind of a -- yeah, they picked a small interesting subset of both .net and WPF and made it into a plugin for the web and they added video and audio.

Spolsky: So basically it's supposed to be a Flash equivalent?

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