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Podcast 062

Spolsky: There's a Macintosh on my desktop, that I don't use that often, but when you have a Mac, every day or two, there's this little Apple software updater/globe/thing.  It's like this little blue ball on your dock...

Atwood: Uhuh

Spolsky: ...and it just starts jumping up and down. Every couple of days, because it gets excited about something. If you click on it, it tells you that a software update is available.

Atwood:I kinda feel like I wish that a lot of the updates would just silently install.


Atwood:Or just go away

Spolsky:It's just not important, their just not... okay there's some new bug that you guys found in your code.

Atwood:Well it could be important. I mean look at exploits in the browser, that hugely important.

Spolsky:I know, but there has to be

Atwood:Firefox has had like massive exploits.  Like they have like, I think there's bugs in their Javascript engine now, that need to be fixed.  That like if you go to a certain page, you'll literally be owned, that it'll be arbitrary code execution.

Spolsky:But nobody's going to that page!  Why would anybody go to that page?  You see?

Atwood:OK. So lets say nobody updates their software. So everyone has Firefox 3.5.0...

Spolsky:[Laughs] OK.

Atwood:... and a year from now, there's going to be tonnes of pages that have that exploit on them.

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