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Podcast 064

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Podcast 064

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Spolsky: Hey it's Podcasting, with Joel Atwood and Jeff Spolsky. I'm your host Joel Atwood.

Atwood: And I'm your buddy, Jeff Spolsky.

Spolsky: Hey Jeff, so how's it goin'?

Atwood: Good, you know, we got a request our show to be all about Twitter. Just, the whole show. Talk about Twitter, talk about how we use Twitter, what Twitter's good for, make money using Twitter.

Spolsky: Do you know how to make money using Twitter? You ban bloggers. There's gonna be something in there for the PR people.

Atwood: Yeah, so probably we shouldn't talk.

Spolsky: Because we talk about it too much?

Atwood: I think I bring it up ocassionaly, I blame me frankly, this is the one area... usually I blame you

Spolsky: The one thing you can say about Twitter is that once youre into it, you're into it, you wanna talk a lot about it, and if you're not into it you're just like "shut the hell up"

Atwood: That's right!