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Podcast 064

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Podcast 064

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Atwood: Hey it's Podcasting, with Joel Atwood and Jeff Spolsky. I'm your host Joel Atwood.

Spolsky: And I'm your buddy, Jeff Spolsky.

Atwood: Hey Jeff, so how's it goin'?

Spolsky: edit me!

Atwood: edit me!

Spolsky: Hey it's Podcasting, with Joel Atwood and Jeff Spolsky. I'm your host Joel Atwood.

Atwood: And I'm your buddy, Jeff Spolsky.

Spolsky: Hey Jeff, so how's it goin'?

Atwood: Good, you know, we got a request our show to be all about Twitter. Just, the whole show. Talk about Twitter, talk about how we use Twitter, what Twitter's good for, make money using Twitter.

Spolsky: Do you know how to make money using Twitter? You spam bloggers. There's gonna be something in there for the PR people.

Atwood: Yeah, so probably we shouldn't talk.

Spolsky: Because we talk about it too much?

Atwood: I think I bring it up ocassionaly, I blame me frankly, this is the one area... usually I blame you

Spolsky: The one thing you can say about Twitter is that once youre into it, you're into it, you wanna talk a lot about it, and if you're not into it you're just like "shut the hell up already"

Atwood: That's right!

Spolsky: I get it.  It's  your instant message service on your cellphone or something.  I know.  I know.

Atwood: Yeah.  Exactly.  So I have a different topic we could talk about.  Actually before I go into that topic let's talk a little bit about Stack Exchange.  So we had our first meeting with Aaron, and you didn't tell me that Aaron has like 10,000 reputation on Stack Overflow.

Spolsky: That's why we hired him.

Atwood: I know.  I was very impressed.  So I'm not going to out him, but you can find him if you're a Stack Overflow user you can find him and you can bother him about Stack Exchange and how it's going to work and all that stuff.

Spolsky: Well he does follow the Stack Exchange tag on so it's a good way to put in your feature requests and ideas and questions about Stack Exchange.

Atwood: That's right.  No I definitely encourage that.  Just tag everything "Stack Exchange".  Eventually I think Stack Exchange will host its own discussion about itself.  But until then Meta is totally an appropriate place to do that.  Just make sure it's tagged "Stack Exchange" and I'm sure Aaron will look at it.

Spolsky: Mmm-hmm.

Atwood: So we're still good on our timeline as far as...what was the date on Stack Exchange?

Spolsky: Well, we were going to go into beta on September 1st and I think that right now evidence-based scheduling is giving him a more than fifty percent chance of doing that, so...

Atwood: Nice.

Spolsky: ...maybe just under.

Atwood: Well, you know I have another type of scheduling. I'm going to launch some software for it. It's going to be "". You can sign up there and get an account.