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Podcast 073

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Podcast 073

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Atwood: fuck me!

Spolsky: lick me!

- Hey remember we're sitting at our desks and do podcasts we would use headsetst instead of some kind of wanky field recorder, sound quality is high you could take your shoes off. We've no pesky guests trying to get word (..) us.

- Right, we enought too close

- Well.  I did, You did

- I don't know, I don't know,

..Fog Creek

Maybe that's kind of an office

- So we've done with DevDays now it's now over...

- Forever! Forever! Just gone, over, done. Bye.

- But... People seem to like it! I mean the general..

- They did, they did!

- it was a worthwhile thing

- The trouble is I focused for some reason on all the little things that were going wrong and during DevDays and a sort of didn't have time to even concentrate on 86% that was going right. That solid minus I would say

- I have some observations. My observation is that you're so busy analysing the process and thinking about ways to improve it - which is good I mean that's one thing you definitely wanna see with somebody you work with .. thinking how we doing this and how could we do it better next time. but I think you did that a little too much to deathroom of the actual event, like, you know ... Oh not a deathroom I mean, it was a good event but I'm saying you obsessed over it a little too much at the time it was happening The time to worry

How we could fix it

It's good you thinking


That was no success

Miguel clone Miguel