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Podcast 086

Revision #8, 3/24/2010 10:36 AM
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Podcast 086

Revision #11, 3/24/2010 10:25 PM "Undoing the vandalism"
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Spolsky: Good morning, Mr Atwood!

Atwood: And good morning to you, Mr Spolsky! Have you done something with your hair today?

Spolsky: What?!

Atwood: Nuthin'

Spolsky: Hmmm

Atwood: Anyway, how about we start again?

Spolsky: Good morning, Mr Atwood!

Atwood: Morning, Joel dude!

Spolsky: [laughs] OK, that'll do for a start. Let's move on quickly... we've got a few things to start with this week; I'd like to start with the announcements first.

Atwood: Sure. Sounds good.

Spolsky: The big news is we're about to release a VMware appliance for businesses to run theie own, in-house versions of Stack Overflow!

Atwood: I think this is really exciting. There's possibly more potential in this than in Stack Exchange...

Spolsky: Some Fog Creek programmers just started crying when you said that! [laughs]

Atwood: I mean, Stack Exchange has its place but I predict...

Spolsky: Uh oh... Ladies & Gentlemen, Jeff the futurist!!

Atwood: Ha ha!

Spolsky: Sorry, continue...

Atwood: ...

Geraschenko: edit me!

Spolsky: Edit me!

Atwood: Edit me!

Geraschenko: Edit me!